COLOUR: Original
MATERIAL: Oxidised wool and silk
QUALITY: 11/11 Persian knot / inch
ORIGIN: Persian knotted rug produced in Jaipur, India
RUG SIZE DISPLAYED: 137cm x 206cm
Limited Edition

King Umberto Skull is a limited-edition 17th Century design which is a modernised interpretation of a Polonaise carpet which originally belonging to King Umberto II of Italy. The original piece was sold at a Sotheby’s auction 2015 for $790,000 dollars, and is a classic example of the intricate historical Polonaise carpets. Knots Rugs has created a fusion of oriental traditional rug design, overlaid with subtle modern tattoo imagery, bringing a new and original concept to the rug industry. This design has been finished with an oxidisation technique which affects the wool beneath the overriding layer of silk, creating an extraordinary 3D effect with a unique look and antique appearance. The harmonious blend of these materials combined with the vivid blues, subtle greens and rich reds is what gives the Polonaise rug its distinctive colour palette. 
Bespoke sizes are available upon request. Production time 24+ weeks.