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CALCITE | MINK CALCITE | MINK £5,002.00 – £12,260.00


COLOUR: Original
MATERIAL: 60% Tibetan wool, 40% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 100 knot / inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal

STANDARD SIZES: 170cm x 240cm, 183cm x 275cm, 213cm x 305cm, 250cm x 300cm, 274cm x 365cm, 305cm x 427cm, 80cm x 300cm
RUG SIZE DISPLAYED: 250cm x 300cm

Translated from an original in-house mixed media acrylic and pastel painting, Canvas is a dynamic and expressive abstract rug. This deep orange and grey design has been hand-knotted in Nepal with over 50 different hand-dyed colours in Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. Bespoke sizes and colourways are also available upon request.

Production time 16 - 20 weeks.

Photo credit Fiona McDonald / Stylist Claudia Bryant / Photography Leo Davut.