COLOUR: Natural
MATERIAL: 100% Yak wool
QUALITY: Sumac flatweave
ORIGIN: Handwoven rug produced in Nepal
RUG SIZE DISPLAYED: 183cm x 275cm

Our Sumac Kilim is a handwoven rug made in Nepal using 100% natural Yak wool. The yarn is produced from the coat hair of yak’s, a longhaired bovine mainly found in the Himalayas region. Yak wool has been used by nomads for over a thousand years to make clothing, tents, ropes and blankets. It has a natural warmth and softness, is odour resistant and has soundproofing and anti-microbial properties. This rug has been finished with a deep rusty red border and hand-plaited fringe. 
Photo credit Bert & May x LivingEtc / Stylist Hannah Franklin.