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Knots are licensees of Label STEP, an organisation ensuring that we all continually strive for better working conditions, fair trade, fair pay, no child labour and general well being for all weavers in carpet manufacturing countries. Step also promotes environmentally friendly production methods. To achieve these goals Label STEP is systematically monitoring the production sites of its licensees and their suppliers, taking measures to ensure fair conditions. Label STEP operates at the local level in all major carpet-producing countries: in Afghanistan, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan and Turkey. 

All of our collection rugs are handmade and woven from natural fibres, their production consumes very little energy and they're made to last for decades. They are therefore more ecologically friendly than many industrial products. Label STEP actively supports and promotes environmentally sound manufacturing methods to minimise the remaining production steps' impact on the environment.

For example, our dyeing factories in Nepal where these rugs are made use rice husk as a their energy source. Rice husk is a by-product from the numerous rice mills in the region and a valuable renewable energy source. Using it as biomass fuel instead of coal or other fossil fuels helps reduce carbon emission and contributes to limiting global warming.


Label STEP was founded in 1995 by the development organisations Berne Declaration, Bread for All, Caritas Switzerland, Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and Swissaid together with IGOT (Swiss Association for Clean Oriental Carpet Trade). 


Together we are fighting to keep this ancient art of weaving alive and thriving.


You can contact Label STEP directly on:

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