COLOUR: Original
MATERIAL: 60% Tibetan wool, 40% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 100 knot / inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
STANDARD SIZE: 250cm x 300cm, 274cm x 365cm
RUG SIZE DISPLAYED: 250cm x 300cm

New to the Knots Rugs Artist Collaboration collection, Abstract Floral is a delicate artwork taken from Charlotte’s personal sketchbook of works, capturing the gentle beauty of watercolour flowers, with impressions dispersed gracefully across the page. The soft colours blend greens, pinks, and yellows into a dreamy harmony, using cloud-like, powdery, and pastel hues. 

  The rug is made in 100 knot per inch 60% Tibetan Wool and 40% Chinese Silk.

The Rediscovered BY collection consists of 5 rugs in total, with bespoke sizes and colourways also available upon request. Production time 16 - 24 weeks.