COLOUR: Original
MATERIAL: 60% Tibetan wool, 40% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 150 knot / inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal

RUG SIZE DISPLAYED: 99cm x 210cm
Limited Edition

The Ginkgo Eternity rug has been created in collaboration with French Artist Stephanie Caldy. In honour of a young Ginkgo Biloba tree in her orchard, each leaf she paints with ink, acrylics and pigments has been repeated creating a vertical pattern on linen cloth. Caldy's artistic expression is nourished by a deep philosophy for life, respect, and peace building. This limited edition piece has been skilfully hand-knotted in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, using the world’s oldest traditional skills, in the finest Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.

 Bespoke sizes are available upon request. Production time 20 - 24 weeks.