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Knots Rugs is a London based rug company, recognised for their individual style, unique colouration and commitment to a high art aesthetic, creating statement pieces and classic timeless collections. Their exquisite and sophisticated creations adorn the finest hotels and most luxurious homes around the world.

Knots has its roots spanning three generations, starting in the 1930's with Managing Director Bonnie Sutton's Grandfather, Alfred Sutton. Alfred was a true Artist, a talented carpet restorer and an expert of antique, oriental carpets and textiles. With a keen eye for design and a fine art aesthetic and in memory of her Grandfathers work and passion, Bonnie started Knots Rugs in 2007 with a spectacular collection of Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs which re-invented into rugs. First shown at 100% Design in September of that year which was a huge success.

In 2008, Linny Moss, Bonnie's Aunt joined the father and daughter team, further establishing Knots as a strong family run enterprise. A highly creative individual, Linny came to Knots from a successful background in fashion, couture and retail. 

After re-branding in 2009, Knots decided to focus on their own unique design sensibilities and launched their first collection produced entirely in-house. ‘English Eccentrics’ which was first showcased at Domotex in 2010, earning a nomination for Elle Decoration British Design of the Year in 2013. 

In 2011 the company opened its flagship showroom on the prestigious Kings Road, Chelsea. From there Knots have gone from strength to strength, creating landmark pieces. These include the remarkable 17th Century Modern and Classic Collections and the stunning ever-expanding Artist Collaboration ‘Your Floor Is The Canvas’. Becoming a multi-award-winning rug brand, and most recently winning the Best Modern Select category at the prestigious Carpet Design Awards in 2020 at the Carpet Design Awards Domotex for Fresco, a collaboration and interpretation of the design which was created by the textile design company Blackpop in collaboration with the Sir John Soane Museum. The dedication of everybody involved in the process, from the artist to the weaver, is what allows for Knots Rugs to push the boundaries of contemporary rug design and poses the question: where does the painting stop and the rug start?

Art is what lies at the heart of Knots Rugs, and they are known as one of the world’s most innovative and artistic rug companies. The in-house design team are continually creating innovating designs which push boundaries. In addition, Knots also collaborates with many Artists and Designers, harnessing their incredible talents and translating their visions into handcrafted rugs. 

Knots has embarked on a series of Artist Collaborations over the past four years and have recently launched the third edition of 'Your Floor Is The Canvas'. Their latest Artist Collaboration collection features six new pieces which they have translated from American Artist Brian Coleman’s original contemporary mixed media artwork into modern masterpieces. Each design has been skilfully hand-knotted in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, using the world’s oldest traditional skills in the finest Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.  

Alongside their core collections, Knots offer a fully bespoke service that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Colours can be adjusted, patterns can be altered, materials can be changed, and specific shapes and sizes can be ordered. Knots Rugs work closely with their producers, allowing them to carefully consider all these things within the production process, and how they work in order to enhance the final design.

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