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COLOUR: Original
MATERIAL: 60% Tibetan wool, 40% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 150 knot / inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
STANDARD SIZE: 250cm x 300cm, 274cm x 365cm
RUG SIZE DISPLAYED: 250cm x 300cm

The latest piece added to the highly successful Artist Collaboration Collection with American Artist Brian Coleman, ‘The Getting By’ has been skilfully hand-knotted in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal using the world’s oldest traditional skills in the finest Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. Coleman uses acrylic paint, ink and graphite on canvas, alternating between fluid and structured gestures, drawing from a vast library of his free drawings to produce these layered creations that are punctuated by colour, line and form, bringing the rhythm of the painting to life.

The Brian Coleman collection consists of 7 rugs in total, with bespoke sizes and colourways also available upon request. Production time 20 - 24 weeks.