COLOUR: Charcoal
MATERIAL: 70% Tibetan wool, 20% Chinese silk, 10% Nettle
QUALITY: 100 knot / inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
STANDARD SIZES: 170cm x 240cm, 183cm x 275cm, 213cm x 305cm, 250cm x 300cm, 274cm x 365cm, 305cm x 427cm, 80cm x 300cm
RUG SIZE DISPLAYED: 250cm x 300cm

Shadow sees the translation of the harmonious composition of light and dark shapes through the intricate gradation of yarns created during the weaving process. The playful distortion illustrates the refracted light and its respective silhouettes through a monochromatic colour palette. Wool and silk yarns have been carefully blended to achieve a subtle ethereal effect, helping to smoothly blend the 7 different shades that have been used. Subtle in abstraction, Shadow is perfect option when looking to incorporate an element of artistry into the modern interior.
Bespoke sizes and colourways are available upon request. Production time 16 - 20 weeks.